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Moving On..
  6th April, 2020
Bit of a late night, last night. Well, it wasn't too late. I got to sleep around about 1 in the morning, but then inexplicably woke up at 3, and could NOT get back to sleep again!
Wasn't until about 6:30 before I did, and as would be expected, I'm utterly wrecked, this morning.
Bah, humbug!


Last night about 10'ish, I uploaded this week's Browsercade game, so will be doing the YouTube video in a bit, and the icons and the blog post and whatnot in a jiffy. Playable Here

Between my early morning waking hours, I also made this week's Foldapuz game. Inspired by Saturday's puzzle in my Page-a-Day Puzzle calendar, it's about words in phone numbers.
I'll be honest, when I spotted "Page-a-Day Puzzle Calendar", my mind went "Oh boy, I'll be able to pinch a TON of those ideas!!!", but the reality has been much less interesting, with a lot of the puzzles being far too well designed to allow me to do random generation.
Bit of a shame.

But basic ideas are still useable, and Saturday's phone puzzle seemed like a great game to make.
"Phonecall" is available on the Foldapuz site (Bottom of the Word games), will be popping up on tonight's default sheet, and then I'll make the bloggy posts for that, tomorrow.

Quite a productive night, really!

And now, time to come up with a Petit Switch game.

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