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Preparing for Plat
  7th April, 2020
Yesterday I made a very simple start on a new JNKPlat, for Petit Switch/SmileBASIC4.


The "Visibility Test" was done to check the available space, decide on the level size, and a few other things.
Incidentally, I also realised that (since the levels extend to the corners of the screen) I'm going to have to be 100% sure that Overscan isn't an issue.
I sent a quick tweet out to Notohoho, and he suggested that it's not a problem.
I do hope he's right!!

Previous Petit games have had GUI elements in the unsafe overscan area, but realistically you can still play a game even if you can't see your score, since the score always shows up at the end.
.. Right?!!

Anyway, doing this quick test has also made me realise that.. yes.. I will need to make a level editor for this, too.
I was originally planning to just use the inbuilt sprite editor to tweak the level data, but it's nowhere near precise enough, and bizarrely I kept flood-filling random areas whilst trying to use it.
Not good enough for me!!

So, the game, the editor, and a pile of levels.
It all needs to be done by the time my 52nd Petit Switch game rolls around, which will be in around about 6 weeks.
.. Can I manage it?
Who knows..

In the meantime, I still have another 5 Petit Switch games to make, and one of those needs to be started today.
But whatever will it be!?

I haven't got the foggiest..

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