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11th April 2020  
As much as I love making gambling games (after all, my IRL name is actually James Gamble) I've tried to steer away from them for the past decade or so.


Some people are prone to having gambling issues, and although there's obviously no money changing hands in my games, I often think of it as being a first step in a wrong direction for players who might become addicted to the gameplay styles.

Because of this, there's so far not been any gambling in the Shoebox. There's a few elements of risk/reward, and there are definitely plenty of games of chance, but otherwise I've tried to keep gambling out of the equation.

And so...

I've been wanting to add a Poker game into Shoebox for quite some time, but can never quite figure out the best way around the gambling element.
Yesterday I decided that, if Yahtzee is ok, then a similar Poker game should be ok, too.
I've made a start on the basic engine, and today will be adding in all of the scoring (as you can see in the above pic, it's only currently scoring High Card, and doesn't even notice the pair of kings!)

5 hands, each with a hold system before a second draw, and then points for the values of the cards in your hand based on Pontoon scoring (10 for J/Q/K, 11 for Ace)

That's the plan.
Now to figure out all that scoring!

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