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With apologies to Michael Fernie!!
6th May 2020  
Sorry to get you excited, there, but the little dungeon puzzle thing has already been scrapped.


I was trying to make it so that you'd take one step in any direction, the enemies would take one step towards you, and so on.
The mechanic seemed functional in my head, but I couldn't find a good way to generate a level that would allow for decent movement with that rule intact.

If you can imagine an endgame of chess where you're both left with a King each, and it takes roughly 17 hours to do anything... It was like that.

You'd move one square up, the enemy would do the same. You move down a square, the enemy does, too.
And on and on, endlessly.

I couldn't get it to work in the way I wanted, so it's on hold until I can find a good way to make it more playable.
.. It'd work better with dice, I reckon.

Anyhoo, that got scrapped, and I instead started a new version of Space Clusters.
I'm working with the two-player-able version of my SmileBASIC framework, so ... There's that!
Today I'll try drawing a few layouts for the enemies to spawn into, and maybe add some colours to the layouts, too.

Maybe even a few powerups should be added, but with the bullets and "heads" falling down the screen, it might not be obvious what's a pickup, and what'll kill you!

I'll see what does and doesn't work.

The glow in the recent Space Popcorn seemed to help for pickups, though.

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New games every week!
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