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Busy Busy Busy...
  8th May, 2020
Wrote up a Flame Effect thing for SmileBASIC, last night.
I'd written the effect about a week ago, but only just got to the vague instructions, last night. Busy week!

And then I went to post it, looked at the day's postings, and realised that 9 posts in a single day is probably more than enough!!


I'll go and post it in a jiffy.
Meanwhile, it's got me going "I really need to reorganise the frontpage" again.
There's too much content, and it's all being dumped in a giant churning page full of chaos.
It's my own fault, of course, but there HAS to be a better way to organise all of this.

I keep considering the fact that I'm still sticking to a 1080 pixel width, and how things would be infinitely less cluttered if I stretched the site to.. maybe 1600..?

But then, it wouldn't be LESS cluttered, like that.
Instead, I'd throw even more chaos into the area, and it'd suddenly get even more cluttered!!

What to do..?
Maybe segment things a little more, do better categories, turn the whole site into something more like a magazine or something?

I don't know.
It's a mess..

I've too much content, it's barely organised, and the whole thing's getting worse with every day's postings.

Thoughts are, of course, welcome.

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