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14th May 2020  
As I stated a few days ago (didn't I?) I've been working on a port of Poke 5,n over to SmileBASIC.
It's been going fairly well, but I had to integrate Touch control to my framework. Eeek!!


The basics of the engine are now up and running, and it seems to be generating decent levels. .. I think!
I can't tell, though, since the move-list isn't working, nor is the "Target" layout.

Yeah, the game's kinda broke, right now, if I'm honest.
Still, I've got a .. few hours.. before my regularly scheduled release time. So, all should be done soon enough, and hopefully it all works when I'm finished with the few small-ish tweaks that I'm aiming to make.


Right, back to that, then... Right after the SoCoder newsletter.

And I haven't done an ALChoon, yet.

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New games every week!
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