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18th May 2020  
My brain's turned to mush, this week.


I worked on the site a little, and I worked on the game a little, too, but neither were anywhere near as productive as I'd've liked.

Today I'll try my best to finish off the game, but it'll be as plain as the Switch edition.
I also might not make a new choon for it, since various caching issues will mean that just simply won't show up at all! (Although I could make it now, and turn it on in a couple of days, I guess..)

The new site's tabs now seem to be mostly lighting up correctly, but with a few oddities. Like if you click on a Pixelart that has the tag "Game", then the Game tab will light up as well as the Pixelart one.
Odd, but liveable, I reckon.

Right, focus..
Get back on track, and get this game done.

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New games every week!
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