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  21st May, 2020
Birthdays, Anniversaries, any excuse is a good excuse for cake!


SmileBASIC/PetitCom4 has now been out for a full year.
Well, technically it was released on May 23rd 2019, so it's not really the anniversary until Saturday, but it launched on a Thursday, so this is close enough!

If you haven't already (and have access to SmileBASIC*), why not spend the day flicking through the hundreds of projects available on their online server.
There's tons of great games, and only a tiny selection of them are mine!!

Pac-Pac Slime, 4KKQXSS, is a particularly good Pacman clone, by the way!

If you find anything particularly good, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Happy Anniversary, SmileBASIC!


* SmileBASIC is currently, untimely, unavailable on most of the eShop due to a rather silly ratings issue.
Apparently one of the included games should've counted towards part of the rating, but hadn't been. .. Or something like that.

If you've previously grabbed it, it'll work fine, but for the past few weeks it's been unavailable to buy new. It should hopefully be back in the eShop soon. *fingers crossed*

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