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21st May 2020  
You could make a infinite (random) level tower game for 3ds. Please. Sorry if this is too big of a request.


I haven't written a 3DS game in over a year, and I've very much moved on from doing that kind of thing.
Nowadays all my games are being created for one of three websites. - Pen and paper printable puzzles. - Games that work well on Touchscreens or with a Mouse - Games that work well with buttons, be they a keyboard or a gamepad that works in your browser.

All three of those sites should (!) work reasonably well with any available browser, as long as the browser's up to date, from the past few years.
Your desktop should run them fine.
More relevant here, your mobile should "probably" be able to run them, too.

Grab a bluetooth controller, and you can usually play the Browsercade games with your phone. Find a decent "grip" controller, and it'll be a bit like playing games on a mini-Switch!

If you have a setup that works, be sure to let me know.
And if your setup doesn't work, let me know that, too.

The 3DS's browser is a teensy bit too old, and incompatible, I'm afraid.

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