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Y3:W5 - Super Happy Speedy Gerbil
  16th November, 2010
"You just hold right, and jump a bit"


I hate people who think that's all Sonic ever needs.
Obviously the developers of Sonic 4 only ever did this, too. If they'd ever bothered to let go of the right button, they'd have noticed the blindingly obvious issue that their game has.

Still, can't complain. Sonic Fan Remix fixed all of that. The biggest F.U Sega have ever had, since Sony came along.

This week's game is the absolute end result of the "You just hold right, and jump a bit" mentality.
You literally die if you let go of Right, and if you don't jump in time, you die, too!
Expect to die a LOT in this game!


Ironically, this game took AGES to get right, with me having to tweak the physics over and over and over (Sega, take note...) to get the feel of the game just right. The feel is important, even if it's just a simple jumpy game.
.. In this case, I was ensuring Gerbil would hop between the random distances of the spikes.
It might go a little crazy when you're on Hard mode, but that's hard mode for you!

Additionally, beware if you've got photosensitive epilepsy. The floor whizzes past at a crazy speed, and there's a whole lot of flickering going on. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Oh, and the filesize got a wee bit big, due to the large .ogg music file in the Files/266/ folder!

Um, yeah, I think that's everything.
Go play, and die, and die, and die, and die, and die.


You can Download Super Happy Speedy Gerbil here, for Windows, Linux and Mac (Intel).


AGAW Scoring : 5 weeks, 4 games, 1 tool. Good enough for me!!

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