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27th May 2020  
The epic battle with the website overhaul continues..


The new icon/tabs are looking a little more ... goodier, without the gradient, and the secondary layer (Which only shows up when looking specifically at games) is great for easy access to the various systems.

Next on the list is redesigning the game-view layout. Using up the extra space, and organising everything a little better than it currently is.
At the minute you need to scroll down about 3 pages before you get to the download links, and.. that's a bit silly.
I also might attempt to merge the contents of the accompanying blog post into the actual game post. I *think* that might be doable, although it might also end up as a horrible mangled mess!


I made a start on this week's SmileBASIC game. One of those puzzle things, where you tap in a single direction and can't change direction until the character hits a wall.
It's a bit bland, but I'm hoping I can make it a bit more arcadey than puzzley..

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New games every week!
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