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Uhoh.. It's Thursday!
28th May 2020  
It's ok, today won't be crazy crazy like it usually is.


1. The SoCoder newsletter's written, ready to go.
2. I finished off the ALChoon on Monday.
3. And most of the basic gameplay of this week's SmileBASIC game is done.

Just need to click the "Finish all the things" buttons and I'll be ready to take on.. ..More coding!!

1. I might rewrite this week's SmileBASIC game for Browsercade, as it's become quite fun. But it currently exists in a "Level By Level" style, and Browsercade doesn't have a level menu.
Uhoh! More GUI Work!!

2. I need to finish off that game I started for Shoebox, last week, but.. .. Uhoh! More GUI Work!!

3. More Site redesign stuff is needed. I'm currently up to the bit where I rewrite the main "Game View" layout, and .. .. Uhoh! More GUI Work!!!

Should be a nice and easy day!

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New games every week!
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