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30th May 2020  
Plenty going on, right now. Can I keep it all up in the air!?


1. Website Overhaul hasn't been touched for a couple of days. I need to get back into the swing of that.
If it helps, I'm using the new site to write this! .. And noticing lots of issues along the way, like how the text entry box is slightly too wide for the box that it sits in, so is scrolling back and forth as I type..
Lots to do.

2. Blockman On Ice
Taking cues from this week's SmileBASIC game, I've decided to make the Ice game into a Blockman game in the Browsercade.
Same idea. Tap a direction, Blockman heads in that direction until he hits a block. Gather up the 3 fruit in the maze and, onto the next.
I'm definitely going to try to fit in some more interesting elements along the way, though.

3. Windows on an iPad
Continuing my attempt to get a Remote Desktop edition of Windows to be "useable" on my iPad.
I ordered one of those Lightning-USB dongles, and it should hopefully turn up at some point today. Once connected, I'll be testing it with my Logitech K400+ (The one I currently use for SmileBASIC) to see if it works as expected. All keys functioning properly, and most importantly, that the little trackpad works.
If THAT all works, then.. um. yeay!!

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