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Needs More Clues..
31st May 2020  
I tried playing Blockman On Ice last night without the cheat-path being shown, and it became MUCH harder to get anywhere!


The main issue is a lack of visible grid, or obvious path visibility.
I'm currently considering adding a line showing the path that Blockman will take. I think that'd be better than turning it all into a giant grid.
Not sure.
Will be playing with that, today.

I've also changed the spikes into Ghosties, and those float about a bit making things a little harder. I need to limit those to a couple of floaties per level, though, since they do tend to block paths once there's too many.

And then the scoring.. I'm thinking a timed bonus might work quite well, here, or perhaps a collection-speed combo or something?

Balancing! The key to good gameplay.

Game should be ready for tomorrow, I reckon.

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