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1st June 2020  
You can play Blockman On Ice in the Browsercade, already, but I've not done my screenshots, icons, etc yet.


A job well done, I think, although the sheer randomness of the levels might cause a few issues with first-time players. Hopefully it's ok, enough!

Next on the list..?

I have to make a Foldapuz game, today, but I haven't got a clue what that's going to be.
I spent about an hour last night playing with math-problems, but nothing seemed suitable, or even slightly original.
I might end up scouring the internet for maths puzzle ideas.
.. Honestly, it's getting harder and harder to come up with/find any original ideas for pen and paper puzzles, other than the varieties that are overly wordy and not very generatable

"Dave lives nextdoor to the lady with the dog, and the cat owner lives across the road, and has a pink car. What colour cardigan does Dave have?"

Those kinds of things really don't work well with a generator. And they don't quite fit neatly into a Foldapuz page.

I'd love to start doing puzzles other than Logic, Word or Maths, but .. What kinds of puzzles would those be!?

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