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Trying out Windows
4th June 2020  
Thursdays are typically my busiest day, full of blogs and newsletters, music and more. But today, I have an extra challenge.


Today, I'm attempting to do everything without a Laptop.
I'm slowly transferring over to using my iPad for pretty much everything, but with a little help from my MacMini, and an installation of Windows 10.
The iPad connects via Remote Desktop, and I've a nice new keyboard (Texet BTK-SLOT) that can hopefully help everything come together.

But will it?!
I'm not 100% sure. There are a few "issues" with the keyboard, like having @ and " the wrong way around, (Apple, grr!!) and the fact that I seem to prefer reaching forward and tapping the screen, rather than use the keyboard's Touchpad.

Stay tuned!!

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