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Recommendation : 51 Worldwide Games
5th June 2020  
If you're a fan of the Shoebox of Games, the latest Nintendo Switch release "51 Worldwide Games" might be right up your alley.


If yu can imagine someone at Nintendo digging through the Shoebox, then making the games well with a decent AI and a much nicer presentation, then.. That's what this is!
Available now on the eShop, or in stores.

It's quite nice, and is a whole lot of fun to play through.
The only downside so far is that the music is irritating, and loops incredibly quickly. I mean, COME ON!! If you NEED to put music into a collection like this, where people will be trying to relax and enjoy peaceful games, don't make the music short, stumpy, and looping too much.
Ideally, it should have a 24 hour soundtrack full of jazz, blues, classical and more. Just a whole lot of background stuff for you to play against.

As it is, I dare you to try playing a game of pool and not wanting to smash your head against the speakers...


But otherwise, highly recommended!

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