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6th June 2020  
Day Three, and as much as the new iPad-based setup is somewhat ideal.. It also isn't..


Last night's code session was a lesson in why having your setup running on your setup is probably a good thing!
Trying to code in one window, constantly flip over to the browser, have the browser running fullscreen, flipping back to the code, and tweaking.. That's easy for Windows to handle, and flip and jump it did, wonderfully well.

..On the system.

Meanwhile, on the iPad, the Remote Desktop setup was having to deal with fullscreen refreshes, and a constantly updating browser, the likes of which it'd never been created to handle.
After about 20 or 30 fullscreen flips, the whole thing was having something of a nervous breakdown, and odd leftover artefacts from one things or another were creeping into view.
It made the entire experience unpleasant, to the point where I gave up, and grabbed the laptop to finish off what I was doing.


Nope.. That did NOT go well, last night.

As such, I think I'll be abandoning my new "Not a laptop" setup.
It sure is handy to have this available, though. Being able to easily shuffle things around in Windows, without needing to drag the laptop out to do little tasks, is a great ability.
But my arms are sore from the screen tapping, and my vision is failing from the weird artefact stuff, and I'm already sick to death of the @ and " being the wrong way around!
It's time to say goodnight to my little Tablet-based experiment.

.. And get back to coding on the good old laptop.

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