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Final Push
12th June 2020  
I *think* the new site is roughly ready to go..


The game pages are still a little cluttered, and I'm still not quite happy with the odd spacing issue when each day's pixelart and poetry badly slump in the way of the page.

I *think* I'm probably going to remove the daily poetry from the main display, and shove them elsewhere, and similarly confine the daily pixelart to a smaller, less pronounced area.
Back in the day I used to have the pixelart and poetry within the daily blog. I might see about integrating them back in there, but also trying not to clutter things up like an earlier redesign attempt ended up.

But I think that's *roughly* all I need to do.
Everything else seems to fit in reasonably well, and I'm quite happy with the general look of it all.
The fact that I can type the daily blogs without having to zoom in, is already a vast improvement!

Maybe today?
Maybe tomorrow..

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