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Today's Plan..
15th June 2020  
I have a Foldapuz game to write, today, and I'm desperately running out of ideas for that, so.. *shrugs*


At some point, the world of Foldapuz is going to have to end, and I'm not 100% sure when that might happen, but so far I've managed to hastily cobble together a puzzle in a reasonably timely manner.

But will I manage that, today?!
Who knows..


A couple of tweaks on the new Asset Maker thing, so that it now works based on Game ID's, rather than curious cryptic folder paths!
.. Which is safer, for starters.
Haven't added any new assets to it, yet, mind.

Most of the earlier games don't work properly with it, since they're lacking Logos and Icons, so I'm still going to have to dig through ... hundreds... ... gah.. hundreds of games to ensure they have those.
I'll probably up the number of screenshots to (OMG!) four, too, and also check they all work on current systems.
.. Which they probably won't do, very well.

Maybe do little videos for them, too!?

This is going to be a big job, isn't it!!?

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