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Complicated Generation
17th June 2020  
So far, I've managed to get a decent enough style for the new DVD Case asset.


Hurray, it's got a back! Woohoo!

You can Generate the DVD Case here.

The screenshot needs to be centred to the Case's front, (it's currently centred on the entire sheet) and that also means finding a way to pad out the back so it doesn't just end where the screenshot stops.

The back's currently a little empty, and I definitely need to pad it out a bit.
If I aim for 4 screenshots per game, that should be enough to fill it up a little, but I'll have to account for games that don't have those all available.

I'm also going to need a couple more bits of data from the server, to help pad out things like the game's title along the DVD Spine, and other such elements.

And then I should probably look into whether there's an easy way to turn this into a PDF, so you can easily print them off at just the right size. .. I don't think Javascript's going to be able to do that, though!

And I'm still working on the first game!!

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