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Incoming Baby
22nd June 2020  
I've a few additional little tweaks to do to the Baby Plat game, mostly involving the "Level Complete" situation, which currently feels a little lacklustre.


Tweak that, then add some audio, and it should be ready to go. I've not prepared a new choon for this week's game, so expect an odd reuse of a previous one!


I bought a PS4 so I could try out Remote Play. It seems functional enough, albeit with a couple of quirks along the way.

Last night I tried playing Parappa 2, which is un-remastered, so is the original PS2 code, and it's a LOT harder to play with the Lag, than the PS4 remaster of the original game.

Other than that, I've been having a blast playing a bunch of demos, and figuring out where to go from here.
Good stuff!
This SoCoder thread contains much more of my thoughts.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile..

Oh yeah, today marks the 2000th Daily Platdude Pixelart!
2000 days, none-stop, of silly little pixelarts.

You can, as always, download a huge collection of 1920x1080 desktop images, right here.
33Mb for a giant folder that you can unzip to your system, and tell Windows to shuffle them!

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New games every week!
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