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RSKGames' Look Back at Pixelart
22nd June 2020  
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JNK posted PixelArt #2000 today. It has taken 5 years 6 months and 22 days for this phenomenal achievement.
For @pixelarf daily challenge, JNK incorporates the challenge in a very creative way every single day.

Every pixelart has its own title from the start and from #330 JNK has added some snippets to the Art that make it more interesting. The extra features like downloading the entire set of pixelarts and creating calendars out of them are added bonus.

I thought today would be a good day to share my favorites from the huge art collection.
There are frequent themes in the art and I have arranged the favorites into different categories.

Animals: So many of the art pieces contain some animals. Usually Plat will be interacting with them or taking pictures of them.

Atmospheric: The following pictures are very scenic and well composed. The Outcast art #1310 is one of my favorites.

Beast Rides: Plat rides on beasts and monsters.

Cats: JNK's cat Molly can be seen many times

Escape from Danger: Plat is always in some kind of dangerous situations from which he needs to escape

Feeding: Feeding the animals seems to be a popular activity that Plat does.

Game themed: Art depicting some popular games. The one from Half-life #1976 looks good.

Goose Trouble: Long before there was a "untitled goose game" the goose was troubling the Plat a lot. #188 is a duck but I guess its ok.

Green Monsters: If there is a popular theme, I would say that it will be Plat's love for finding the green monsters.

Pyramids and Roller Coasters: Plat likes the Pyramids and JNK likes Roller Coaster tycoon games.

Rockets and Outer space: The final frontier is a frequent theme in the art pieces.

Sci-fi: Plat gets into Dr Who, Star wars and Star trek.

Underwater: Plat likes to explore the ocean a lot.

There are many sports themed, Snow themed and spelunking with torch lights art pieces which I have not covered.

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