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The Antball Cometh
24th June 2020  
Such a silly little game, but it's seemingly fun enough.


Dev-Plan sketch
(I'm going to try to scribble down more of these, in future, so get used to "Looks like a post-it note" scribbles!)

Coming soon to SmileBASIC : Antball!

A silly little 4-a-side football game featuring ants.
Currently it's "kinda" playable. Your controller moves all ants at once, and the ants will "kick" the ball automatically, as soon as they're close enough to do so.
I'll be adding in a boost button to allow you to run a little faster, but with stamina taking effect.

The field has a boundary, so the ball simply bounces off the walls, and, of course, there's two player, too.

Not much more than that, if I'm honest.

Today's task will be trying to balance the AI so it's not 100% unbeatable, and then putting in a scoring/win/lose system which will indeed probably just be "1 goal = 1 point, plus a round timer"

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New games every week!
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