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Hmm.. Maybe Not..
26th June 2020  
I've been wrangling the "Football as a board game" concept for most of the day, but "fairness" is putting me off.


Imagine I'm at 3, you're at 9 and the ball is at 6.
I move 2, to 5, and kick the ball 5. The ball lands at 11.

You're now closer to the ball than I am, so can reach it quicker.
You kick it 5, and now it's closer to me, so I click it 5 and now it's back to you.

This back and forth will happen over and over, and I can't quite fathom how best to structure the game so that the game will be A ) More balanced, but also B ) able to be won!

I'm probably going to do a different game, then!

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New games every week!
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