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OK, Now What?
27th June 2020  
Well, the Horse/Knight/Polo game didn't go very well. Time for a quick emergency Shoebox game.


But what?!
My original list of "Games I'd really like to see in a collection of board games" is almost gone.

The three main leftovers are..
1. The Quest
2. Patent Wars
3. Chess

Other obvious/suggested games not yet added..
Hand and Foot, Higher or Lower, Dominion, Can't Stop, Mahjong, Cluedo

And then there's the games I've started, but which for various reasons never quite got finished, like Pool, Jack Change It, and Farkle.

There's an awful lot of games I could be working on, but nothing jumps out as something I can quickly cobble together over the next day or so.
Maybe I need to think outside the (shoe)box and come up with something original, instead of relying on old favourites.

Be more original, Jay!

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