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29th June 2020  
Alan suggests..
I wonder if you could mash up this idea with a traditional 15-puzzle.


Speaking of the Football/Boardgame concept, could it work as a Sliding-Puzzler?
And, how would that work at all?
Would you have two players each sliding blocks, one at a time, against each other?

It's an interesting enough idea, but I'm thinking it'll need a whole lot of hidden rules in order to make it playable. Like "You can't keep sliding the same thing over and over again to annoy the other player".
That'll maybe need a lock-out of tiles. Slide it, and the tile gets a 5-move-delay before it can be moved again. A giant overlay with numbers on!?

And what if that moved tile is the tile with the player on it? Does that mean you can't move them again for the next 5 or so goes?

I've been thinking about a way to use this since Alan posted his comment, last night, and although I think there's probably a concept in there, it's not something that's currently formed in my head yet.

A two player sliding-block battle game.
*puts it away for another day*

If you've any ingredients to add to this bubbling pot of an idea, sprinkle them in the comments below.

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