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1st July 2020  
Time to add another SmileBASIC game to the list..


Spent about an hour or two, last night, trying to wrap my head around some of the more complicated functions of SmileBASIC, but I'm totally lost as to how to use them.
I think it might be a good idea to retrain myself in the ways of the language.
When I "learned" it originally, I was cobbling together bits of information that I could gather from Google Translate, and I'm fairly sure I've done a whole bunch of things wrong, along the way.

Anyway, with a bit of playing around, I eventually decided to make a maze game. I'm thinking a "ten items scattered around, race to find them all" kind of thing.
I'll probably convert the maze generator from Foldapuz across, as that's quite a nice layout.


Carried on work on the Asset Generator, yesterday.
I've added a new "Switch Case", as well as converting the result to a PDF for easy printing.
I'll have to figure out some kind of interface to select between PDF and PNG output, as well as an easy way to switch between all the different layout types.

The PDF version needs to be done, because Javascript refuses to add DPI information to .png output. If you download the image and click Print, it'll end up printing at 96dpi, which means it's HUGE on the page.
Since different software prints at different sizes, and uses different interfaces, it's not always easy to just say "Print at 300dpi" to people, so the PDF edition has been added as a fallback.

Full Size : "Print at 300dpi"

Do please be aware that the asset's not quite right, yet, and the background extends a little bit over the front cover. D'oh!.. Numbers!!

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