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Finishing Off?
2nd July 2020  
Today should be a day for finishing off the week's SmileBASIC game, but.. It's barely started!


The Maze generator works, and the player movement is in, but the game still needs.

1. Something to do, I'm thinking flags to collect.
2. An AI player, because it's currently two-player only.
3. A single player mode that strips out the second player completely, but the game's supposed to be a race to get the flags, and without the second player, that's kinda worthless!

So, either I code an AI for that second player, or I need to add enemies and other such things. Then it becomes a giant sprawling dungeon instead of a simple race, and .. Really, I just wanted a nice maze-running race!


Oh yeah, and ..
4. The game could probably do with playable characters instead of Spikes!!

Guess I'd better get coding then, eh!?

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