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3rd July 2020  
A vague plan of action, but a very restless night.


I've hardly slept, again.
My mind was doing maths whilst I was trying to sleep. PixelWidth*(25.4/DPI) seems to be the magic ingredient in getting mm's out of pixels based on dots per inch.. !
I think that's right, anyway. I'll be testing it later on today when I can safely print without waking everyone up!


I think I know the game I'm going to make.
Worryingly, it'll probably involve you wandering around a maze looking for floppy disks. I'm going to try my very best not to make it end up like Disk O' Green.

3 disks scattered around the maze. Find one, and bring it back to the hub to enable the transporters, then enter a transporter to be transported to the next level.

I'm thinking maybe 4 transporters per level, each one sending you to a different Next Level. The disks will also change the destination of the transporters.. And then there'll be maybe 3 levels before you "Win".
This makes (I think..) 144 possible "last level"s?!

1st map, 3*4 possible exits = 12 maps, then again * 12...
.. I think that's right!?!

Anyway, that's as far as I've got in thinking about this idea.
It's not very RPG'y, though.
*sigh* They never are, are they!?!

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