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Oh Dear
5th July 2020  
Yesterday didn't go well.


Click for big, print out (300dpi), cut out and glue (with good glue!)

The plan

1. Spend the morning working on bringing back PaperArcade Cabinets.
2. Spend the evening working on the week's Browsercade game.

The Reality

1. Spend the morning going "Oh no.."
The old PaperArcade template doesn't actually fit on a single piece of paper, when drawn at 300dpi.

2. Spend the afternoon redrawing the PaperArcade template at a slightly smaller resolution so it fits better onto a sheet of A4/Letter, when printed at 100%, 300dpi.

3. Spend the evening coding all the areas on the new template, so that the screenshot fits in the little screen area, the two "sides" of the cabinet are cropped perfectly within the sides, the logo fits in the banner header thing (the logo is very squished up there), and all the other elements are in place.

.. Kinda exhausted by this point, but I eventually printed it out, and tried to put it together..
At which point, I couldn't find my thick card, and thought "Meh, it'll be fine.."

It wasn't fine.
I made a right mess.
And I couldn't find my proper gooey PVA glue, either, and tried to use a hard Pritt Stick on the tiny little tabs, and that made everything so much worse.

I gave up.

And I hadn't coded anything of the Browsercade game.
I think this week will end up being skipped!
Stupid paper..

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