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6th July 2020  
Got the map generator working reasonably well for the "Whatever game it's going to be" game, yesterday.


Walls, floors and gaps for doors.
It'll do!!
It's a 128x128 area, with about 20 or so rooms inside it.
Now to fill those rooms with some kind of gameplay.

I'm also wondering what sort of "weapon" I can use.
Mouse control is out, as is right-stick, since Browsercade doesn't do either of those.
Just a direction and button.

Good old directional fire might be the way to go, here. If indeed the player shoots anything in the first place.
It might end up being "drop a bomb" or something like that, instead.

I really haven't any idea where this one's headed!

Also, don't worry about Blockman being there. That's just because he's the default Sprite 0, and I haven't drawn a main character yet!

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