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Hard on Myself
7th July 2020  
As I continue to build up this (next) week's Browsercade game, I keep finding myself digging my heels in.


A catalogue of what has and hasn't worked before, but mostly complaints to myself about all the bad stuff.
Don't get stuck like you did with Disk O' Green. Don't make it too dull and empty like Box's Romp. Things like that.
Little moans, and digs at myself, that I try to keep in mind "to make things better", but that often end up getting in the way.
And I always do that.

People suggest I'm a very negative person, since I always looking at the worst of things, instead of looking at the positive elements and bringing those to the forefront.

Browsercade is a wonderful website, as is Shoebox and Foldapuz. My SmileBASIC collection is growing, and my music archive is as varied as can be.
My Daily Pixelart has reached numbers I never could've imagined, and all together, the world of AGameAWeek is an alarming feat for one single developer.

But .. man, the issues.
The terrible AI in the Shoebox games. The lack of proper interactivity in the Foldapuz. The awful amount of repetitively in the Game list, and Pixelart.
And the skips. No main game again, this week?! For shame, Jay.

Those are the things that stick out, to me. Those are the bits that I'm always focusing on. Trying (but usually failing) to make a little bit better with each iteration.

I really shouldn't be so hard on myself. I've accomplished an awful lot.
And yet, the issues remain.

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