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9th July 2020

I think we're at the end of the road for imaginative SmileBASIC games! Here's a pretty formulaic Snake clone.

If you've a Switch and SmileBASIC, you can grab a copy of the game using the Public Key



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What I Didn't Do

So much..
But not for lack of trying.

At various points in the past day or so, this game has had..

1. Gravity Wells : If your head was closer to the well than your tail, the well would suck the tail "into" you, and insta-kill you.

2. Bombs : The opposite would happen, whereby if your head is further from the bomb and your tail's in the middle, the explosion would push your tail into your face and kill you.

3. Moving Walls : Either the walls would float above the tail, but inexplicable still hit your head, or the same "tail vs head" scenarios would occur.

4. A scrolling background : Became far too distracting, and made it hard to concentrate on the game itself.

In the end, static walls is roughly all I could achieve.
I hate that this game ran out of ideas.
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New games every week!
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