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Slow Trekking
12th July 2020  
Oh no, I've got LOADS left to do!!


1. AI for enemy
2. Pickups to draw/code
3. The entire rest of the game

There's tons left to do.

Also, I drew the enemy with guns, and I'm really not sure how complicated it might get with all those bullets flying everywhere.
I'm slightly tempted to turn them into Borg, who only kill you by touching you.
Not sure..

OK, quick emergency plan.

1. Do a Foldapuz game. Shouldn't take too long, but if I can do that quickly today, then I can spend the rest of today and tomorrow working on the Trek game instead.

2. Stop calling it "The Trek Game"!

3. Get "The Trek Game" finished.

OK, here goes!!

|update| 1pm : Done the Foldapuz game, now I can concentrate on getting the game done! |update|

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