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13th July 2020  
I'll be posting tomorrow's Foldapuz in a jiffy, and then Destination Starship will be held back until tomorrow.


It's coming along well enough, but there's more than a few pieces of the puzzle to put into place.
Thankfully, I managed to whip up a simple little Foldapuz puzzle, yesterday, so I've at least got something to post today!


Installed iOS14 Beta onto my iPad last night, and although most things work reasonably well, the audio functions in Shoebox and Browsercade are both slightly broken.

They now only ever play "SFX 1" over and over, no matter which number SFX I've requested. The pitch functionality still works, but in Browsercade's case everything is now "Beep 1", and for Shoebox, everything sounds like 2 snooker balls colliding!!

For now, I'm going to assume this is a bug in iOS14 Beta.
I'm not going to completely freak out and panic about it.
If, but the time of the Public iOS Beta, this issue is still there, then I'll definitely have to look into why it's happening.

Bloody Apple!!

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