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14th July 2020  
Spent last night, lying awake, trying to come up with a good game for this week's SmileBASIC project.


I'm tempted to do some kind of puzzle game, like a block-falling/tetris style thing, but nothing new and imaginative is coming to mind.

At one point, my mind wandered to the classic game "Clockwiser" from the Amiga, but that game seems like it would fit better with Mouse/Touch than the Switch's Dpad/Thumbstick.

Might be something better suited to Shoebox..!?

Meanwhile, the idea of Rotating seemed to stick in my head, all night, and I couldn't quite shake it.
I'm not really sure what might come from that idea, but I'll leave it bubbling, and instead probably try to come up with something completely different.

Not sure what.

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New games every week!
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