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Browsercade - Destination Starship
14th July 2020  
v0.311 - Added the Maze-shooter, Destination Starship

Help the lost crewmember find their way back to the starship.
Battle against fleets of enemy soldiers, and hunt for the disks that will reboot the teleporters.

You can Play the game in your browser, on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.


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- Move
- Shoot

What I Didn't Do

With apologies to Michael Fernie, this game (again!) didn't end up very RPG-like.

The initial plan was to have all manner of stats and things for the weapon you have, but in the end it all just came down to a single bar, and nothing more than that.


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Browsercade , Maze , Top-down , Star Trek
New games every week!
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