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16th July 2020  
Practically the entire game!!


Didn't get anything done on the SmileBASIC game, yesterday, so the engine is basically just a tilemap at this point, with falling boulders.
Today I need to add a character, make them move around well enough, give them a purpose, and then kill them repeatedly!!


Noticed, late last night, that the "Premium Tiles" of Foldapuz's Cross Target game weren't showing up, which took me down a path of realising that.. .At some point.. The Colour Variables in PHP had gotten all confused, the poor things.

I think it might've been the recent upgrade of PHP that did it. It's shuffled the variable numbers around so that things aren't quite right.
I've, instead, hardcoded the values of the colours, and now everything's right.
I then had to go through EVERY Foldapuz game, and fix up any colour issues they had.

Thankfully Foldapuz is only in Black and White (and occasionally Grey), so it wasn't too big of a task.
Still took a couple of hours, though!

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