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Player Thoughts - Destination Starship
16th July 2020  
After each game's release comes an influx of feedback from our insanely large number of player.

Let's see what RSKGames has to say about this week's game, Destination Starship.



Initially when I started playing Destination starship I was more concerned with collecting the 5 disks, finding the transporter and getting to the next level. Soon I found that after level 1 there are more enemies and very limited life disks so the game got over pretty fast.

It's a fairly significant ramp in difficulty, but it wouldn't be one of my games without one of those!
Try to keep in mind where the powerups are, and don't waste health powerups if you don't need them right away. For the most-part, the path back should be fairly empty, since you'll have already killed off all the baddies.

So I decided to go find all the rooms in the level 1 and it was a better experience. I managed to uncover all room, kill all the enemies and collect all the disks to reach a max score of more than 5.8k in level 1 itself.

Awesome work
Taking your time, and holding back can be rather fruitful.
Keep in mind that the phaser will recharge itself when not fired. It's a bit slow, so is useless when you're in the thick of it, but if you take a step back and recharge, you should be good to go.

I found that there were more number of transporters and more than 5 transporter disks available in each level which reduces the players need to search for the transporter once the 5 disks are collected. I even found 2 transporters next to each other in the same room.

There should be roughly 20 disks in each level, and about 8 transporter pads.
Each of the transporters should send you to a different level 2. From there, each of its transporters will lead to a different level 3, and so on.
If you want to "get good" and learn the most perfect route, then finding the exact same transporter on every playthrough will probably be helpful.
.. Or for variety, go crazy!!

All the power ups are well done and super useful (maybe not the big head one like in carmageddon) I liked the two rays shooter the most as it is very effective. Shooting with single ray is difficult but not bad. Single shot weapons, battery packs are handy too. I found the invulnerability disks to run out very fast somehow. I keep doing very big circles around the room and avoid most bullets when health is low.

Over on SoCoder, knowing I'd need a few suggestions for this one, I made a thread for listing generic Powerup suggestions.

One of the first suggestions was Big Head Mode, so that went straight into the game, and .. well, it amused me. What can I say
Once I added the popping-off of the enemy heads, it was all the more fun.

As for the shield, the shield actually has its own health, and (although I should probably made it more apparent) you can see the amount of power it has left by the length of the trail it leaves as it swirls around you.
The shield should last between 3 or 4 hits.
It's not very much, but it's not a "Invincibility".. It's just a shield!

The background tiles are pleasing to the eyes and the background music matches the pace of the game.

I tried on four separate occasions to make the music a bit Trek'esque, but in the end simply went for remakes of the first two Quietly tracks. My head wasn't in a composition'y mood, this week!

I found some very interesting long winding corridors in the generated levels.

Indeed, the generator ended up coming up with some nice levels.
Takes a while, though. The lengthy Beam-In, with its very juttery background, is actually the generator doing its work.
Almost 90 frames to get the levels right, and that seems far too much.
I'm fairly sure I could cut that down if I made a more structured level generator.
As it is, it simply flings boxes all over the place, then shoves a few doors, but ends up spending too long figuring out where the doors should be!

Different crew member sprites are nice.

The player and enemy sprites are all from Space Rocket Adventurers, although I did have to give them all Guns!
And, again, no animation at all, other than wiggling the sprites about a bit.
I really need to start animating my sprites again! Lazy Jay!!

Overall a very enjoyable game.

Glad you enjoyed it.
It certainly ended up as a much more playable game than Disk O' Green, and at the end of the day, that's exactly what I wanted from it

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