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17th July 2020  
It's Shoebox week. But a different game is calling me.


I'm quite tempted to redo Kabooma Looma in Browsercade, but that'd mean having two Kabooma Looma images in the list at the top.
Would anyone mind if I basically duplicate a game, a few days after making it?

It's quite a fun game, though.

.. So, I might do that.

Any complaints, pop them in the comments below.


Back in March, my Niece's birthday arrived, and I wanted to gift her a copy of the new Animal Crossing. Unfortunately, the game wasn't released for another few weeks, so instead, I popped some cash in with her card.

To make it a bit special, I downloaded a template for a gift envelope, added the Animal Crossing grass (triangles) texture onto it, and stamped the Leaf in the middle.
The cash went into the little envelope, then that in the main envelope with the card.
A lovely little treat.

Last night, my mind jogged back to doing that, and I thought "Hmmm.. I wonder if.."

Gift Envelopes are now part of the Asset Maker.

Fold the two side-flaps in, dab a bit of glue at the bottom of each side so they hold the bottom flap in place, then the top flap should slot neatly inside the curved semi-circle.

Probably never ever going to be used by anyone, for any reason, but it's another little thing that the Asset Maker can now do.

I'm slightly tempted to see if I can get the Daily Platdude Pixelart to do the same, and tie it all together into a neat little package, instead of having that weird "Calendar : CHAOS OF BUTTONS!!" thing at the bottom of each Pixelart.


And, yes, I know I haven't properly introduced the Asset Maker, yet! I'm trying to decide on the best way to integrate it into the site.
It'll need options for the different Asset types, and whether you want a PDF, Png or Jpg output. .. And not end up as a sprawling mess like that Calendar thing is.

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