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19th July 2020  
Had to tweak a lot of the speed of Kabooma Looma (Browsercade) last night to get it feeling more like the SmileBASIC edition.


I keep forgetting that Browsercade defaults to a 30fps timeframe.
Although it's true that you can toggle it to 60fps, the engine still targets 30, but with a nice amount of smoothing going on with the help of Delta timing.

A lot of the numbers in the Browsercade version have been carried across from the Smile edition, and the result was curiously slow to play, until I remembered the timing issue.
A simple "Do everything twice" actually ended up giving the whole game a much needed boost.
The jumping feels right, the bomb explosions are well timed, and the whole game feels much better as a result.

I'll do some finishing off, today, and it should be ready to play for tomorrow.

Good game

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New games every week!
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