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A Wasted Night
20th July 2020  
11:50pm - A puzzle idea popped into mind.


A grid of 5x5, and a mini selection of words criss-crossed within.
Numbers on the edges to display the count of the Scrabble-tile values on each row/column.
Tiles on the bottom.
Fill in the grid.

And so, I started off with a blank grid, found a gathering of words, got it all working, and ...
If I'm honest, MiniCross has ended up looking and playing an awful lot like regular Crossed.
Something's gone awry, somewhere along the way.

I might need to rejig a couple of things, and have a little rethink of the way the game's presented.
It might also help to, at this point, introduce the "Common Words" list. I think this game in particular will help, having that available.

Right, Redo From Start..

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