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The Noise!!
25th July 2020  
Was woken up by *NNNNRRRRRRRRRR*


Still not sure what it was, but it sounded like a Power Sander against the skirting board, in the adjoining bedroom. .. In the house next-door.
I can't exactly pop next door and say "WTF was that noise that scared me, and woke me up!? How inconsiderate of you to make such a noise at.. *checks watch* Ten o'clock in the morning..."

I guess it'll just be one of those mysteries.

The sound stopped after about two minutes, so whatever it was, it can't have been a big job.


Yesterday was indeed a day of bug fixes and lots of other little minor things.
I finally made a vague start on adding an extra set of smilies/emojis, to SoCoder.
The tricky part has been finding a single style that works with all the available themes, without looking.. .. Too.. out of place!

I'm currently testing what happens if I draw huge 2048x2048 pixel images, then scale them down to 48x48!
.. Surprisingly, it's not actually terrible.
Who'd've thunk it?

You can Follow along with my inartistic misadventures here.

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