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Argh, Pain, Pain, Pain..
1st August 2020  
A new cramp in my wrist.


Between the new cramp, and the heatwave, I got practically nothing done at all, yesterday.
The new cramp is an unusual one. My wrist can move fine up and down, though cracks as I do so. Left and right is a little painful, but then twisting around the z-axis is excruciating.

It's a whole new world of pain, and I've been wondering what might be causing it.
There's only one new thing my hands have been doing these past couple of weeks, and that's holding onto a Playstation controller..

.. uhoh!!

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I did load up some of SoCoder's script to try and add a "quick" Javascript menu thing.
The idea is to take the new Emoji things, add a button in the BBCode cluster, have that pop up a little menu, then select an emoji and have it vanish.
Sound simple enough, right?!
And then I thought "Maybe I should clean up the rest of the BBCode cluster, too, and put bits of that into a similar popup."
And then I thought "I'd also have to redraw all these buttons so it all fits together"
And then I thought "And the actual Smilies should probably go in the popup, too"
And then I thought "Oh god, it's so hot today!!!"
And then I gave up.

That was roughly how much work I got done, yesterday.

Been a very lazy couple of days, if I'm honest.


Today's a little cooler, so hopefully I can get a little more work done.
Assuming my wrist wants to keep typing, that is.

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