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Drawing Buttons
3rd August 2020  
In order to make SoCoder's new Emoji Buttons work, I'd first have to redraw all the standard BBCode buttons, so they fit better in the new interface.


And so it went for several hours. Me drawing button after button after button, and rewriting significant chunks of the site's functionality to allow them to pop up in a single, neat little unit.

Having to recode it was the hardest part, mostly due to the insane higgledy-piggledy nature of the BBCode stuff. That was one of the things that I didn't bother to recode when doing the major SoCoder rewrite a few years back.. A simple copy+paste from code that's actually been there since 2007!

So, yeah, that wasn't an easy task..
Also tricky was trying to figure out a way to code the new functionality into the site, live, but only visible to me.. whilst also preserving the old functionality so that other users aren't seeing a crazily broken set of buttons!

After several ludicrously slow hours of tweaking, drawing, and hacking away, I finally got "most" of the buttons to work.

There's still the few oddities, like the url/img/youtube buttons, which are supposed to pop up a requester, but no longer work at all.
Those need fixed.

But other than those few buttons, the new BBCode buttons are working just fine, and the functionality is there for the new Emoji buttons to work nice and smoothly beside them.

Today I need to add a set of buttons to pop up the popup, add in Smilies (though I might need to add a default set of smilies, due to the spaghetti-code not making that easy to do!) and then set about getting all the new emoji drawn.
.. Oh yeah, I need to draw all those, too, don't I .... Bugger...

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