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Silly Thought
6th August 2020  
As my gamedev schedule crawls on, it doesn't half leave some odd thoughts behind it..


"What if you made a game about wrecking things, and the Start button said Start Wreck...?"

I'll set that idea aside, I think.


This week's SmileBASIC game is going ahead on schedule. A remake of the classic GearWorks game (The Gears The Work) is coming together reasonably well, except for the fact that.. occasionally.. some of the gears don't actually work properly.
I'm not sure why that is, and am currently trying to figure out the oddities.
Otherwise the basic engine is functioning as it oughta, and the gameplay more or less works itself out once you've got the cogs going.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile...

Got a passing mention in Famitsu.

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Wiggle Worm

Author: JNK

A high-speed worm-type game by creators who deliver new games every week from the UK.

A game in which the interplay between the brain and fingers is queried by eating obstacles that appear randomly, surrounding walls, and your own "body" that is growing, and eating the dots on the screen well. Good tempo is a habit.

Thanks to @yowaikoi for the heads-up.

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