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Thankyou, Apple!
11th August 2020  
Apple fixed the audio bug in Shoebox. And it wasn't even their fault..!!


When the iOS Beta broke Shoebox and Browsercade, I grumbled and whinged, and even sent a bit of feedback, asking for some possible help.
I additionally made them a little test script, which helped identify the problem in a small trial.

Today, they got back to me, with a "This is your fault"..
Turns out that my .wav file was ever so slightly corrupt, most likely because of the way I was combining the .wav's together.
If I load the .wav into a proper editor, then resave it, it cleans up the corruption and then the javascript plays the audio properly.
Other browsers will play the file as requested, but iOS Safari for iOS14 won't.

Apple Says

The right course of action is to prevent the proliferation of non-conformant WAV assets rather than making our parsers lenient to such cases and potentially weakening the overall security of the audio stack.

.. Bit of a pain in the arse for anyone else in this exact same situation, but if we're honest, they're absolutely right.

Lesson Learned : Fix your files. Then everything works.

Thank you Apple!!
*ascii hugs all 'round*

Shoebox of Games and Browsercade now both work wonderfully well on iOS14 Beta.

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