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Android Insanity
14th August 2020  
Yesterday's attempt to play No Man's Sky using RemotePlay on my iPad, for any decent amount of time, left me ranting and raving at Apple again.


iOS 14 Beta 4 is very very broken, and PS4 Remote Play app is bearing the brunt, crashing every few minutes.
It's annoying enough dealing with the issue, but when your ship is hurtling towards your freighter, and an enemy's shooting you from behind, and the thing is constantly crashing, leaving your vessel in mid-disaster...
That's the wrong side of frustrating!!

I have an Android Tablet. It's a Galaxy 10 A from 2018 ("T590") and so I tried out Remote Play on there, only to find it refusing to play with the controller. Apparently it needs to be on Android 10 before that'll work.

But, Android being Android, the device is inexplicably stuck on Android 9, even though the firmware update IS available online. Just not on the device.. For stupid stupid Android reasons.

Last night, I wandered through the dangerous world of Firmware Forums, downloaded a ton of dodgy looking software, and eventually found a site that had the british (BTU) firmware, with Android 10, for my device.
.. Apparently..

I set it off downloading the 3Gb firmware file.
The site refused to go over 128kb/s unless you pay them, because "hey, let's ALL make money from the broken ecosystem," so I left it going overnight.

Today it's sat on my harddrive (whatever it is, I'm assuming it's a 3Gb mega-virus that's going to destroy everything) and I'll be attempting to get it to install over what I expect will probably be most of today.

And then likely find that the DualShock 4 still refuses to work, or the RemotePlay app somehow no longer works.

Today will be ranty, I expect.

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