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14th August 2020  
Got the firmware updated!


There was a slight issue, whereby the install seemed to make the device Portuguese, but otherwise it was a fairly flawless install.
Not really sure what caused that. The device suggests it's BTU, and the firmware "said" it was BTU, too. Both should've known to be British, but I guess maybe Brexit confused it or something? Who knows.

Other than that, things went fairly smoothly. Had to change my Sony password for the umpteenth time, since I'd yet again managed to keep hold of the previous one, and not update it in my password manager.

Once all was done, Remote Play was up and running smoothly.
The image quality is a little lesser than on the iPad, but I blame that entirely on my T590 Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018 (!) being a little bit lacking in the powerhouse department. After all, it struggles with Browsercade, so what chance did it have?!

I'll be using it as a primary RemotePlat device until the iOS version gets fixed.
.. it'll do!

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